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A Cold Mom, A Brother Daddy and a Prison Baby is the seventh episode of Season 3 of The Conners, also the 38th episode overall.


Ben's mom, Barb, arrives in town after an unexpected death and unveils shocking information from the past. Meanwhile, Becky and Emilio spend more time together.


Ben's mother is introduced, and brings with her a terrifying secret. Emilio wants to continue his relationship with Becky. Jackie helps Harris celebrate her birthday.


Dan and Becky are teasing Mark Junior who is trying to study for school. It is also Harris's birthday, which Becky almost missed be cause she is trying to date. Ben is decorating a prank cake, with oversized equestrian action figure on top of nothing more than saltines and graham crackers covered in frosting. His mother video conferences him telling him bad news.

Emilio reminds Becky that he is more than a baby sitter, which is confirmed by Becky not able to pay him. They talk about their dates, which are disastrous since now it seems impossible to meet any body new. They warm each other's hearts so Becky goes to get popcorn. It turns out that she secretly keeps food all over the house. Becky and Harris talk about Emilio. Harris tells a very nervous Becky to proceed. Also, Harris wants some of Becky's food despite there being a bowl of fruit next to them. Emilio is in the living room enjoying Beverly Rose.

Ben's mother is arriving. He tells Darlene that they are waiting for the purchase of their new house, among other warnings about his mother. His mother, Barb, immediately is not impressed. She tells them that she arrived early because now that her husband is dead, she is able to decide to fly first class for once. She is unable to recognize Darlene; Apparently Darlene is shorter than she remembered. After that, Barb expresses that there is no need to feel sorry for her nor her late husband. How ever, she is upset that she has no grandchildren to see. She blames Ben, but the situation is much more complicated than that. Jackie brings Harris food for her birthday as well as at her request, and expresses sympathies and gratitude, which ever is most appropriate. Barb says that she feels both things. After that, she chides Jackie's restaurant. Jackie says that Barb can be great friends with Beverly. As Ben coaxes Darlene to the kitchen, Barb asks Darlene to get him to shave.

Darlene demands that he talk to Barb, but Ben is still grieving. He says that if Darlene is uncomfortable, they can easily drink alcohol together.

Emilio is at The Lunch Box with Jackie. He has been at the house every night this week; Last night was Pizza Rolls. Jackie knows before Emilio even says any thing, that Emilio wants to proceed. She tries to convince him just as Harris tried to convince Becky.

Darlene is trying to get Barb to relax. She tells Darlene how easy it is to talk with each other. She also says that she wished her husband would have been just as fun. They share with each other moments that they got away with impossible things before revealing that her husband Nate was not Ben's biological father.

Darlene asked Jackie over for help. They agree that this would spook Ben even more knowing why her husband avoided being his father. Jackie says that she is still upset over Beverly being her biological mother.

Emilio wants to hold Becky's hand during the next movie, which Becky is surprised. He says that they clearly they must be dating each other. Unfortunately, Becky is not ready. Emilio is upset and leaves early. He says he will be back tomorrow.

Ben is sitting at the kitchen with a note pad containing a letter from Barb. It instructs him to ask Darlene, who lies. Barb decided to return to talk to him, surprising Darlene. Ben assumes that his mother went to prison for stealing a car, and is startled when his mother tells him about his biological father. What is even most upsetting is that she has no idea who he is. She believes that his name is Richard "Something", had a heavy jacket, and most certainly froze to death. She tells Ben it is not his fault, Nate tried his best, and exonerates her self from any irresponsibility before getting the last word, which exactly what Roseanne would do.

Jackie, Darlene, Ben, and Dan are in the kitchen lighting candles for Nate and Richard. Ben tries to cheer up by saying that his in laws are his closest family. How ever, Dan says that just like Ben's mother, he wants Ben to have grandchildren.



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Deleted Scene[]

  • A whole subplot involving Becky, Harris, and Josh was cut from the episode. However, this scene would be later included in "A Stomach Ache, A Heartbreak and a Grave Mistake", this is probably a result of the order of the episodes being changed around. Remnants of the scenes were released as promo photos, which can be seen below.


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