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A Fast Car, a Sudden Loss, and a Slow Decline is the sixteenth episode of Season 3 of The Conners, also the 47th episode overall.


Darlene learns some shocking news about an old friend, and the Conner family comes together to help someone close to them.


Mrs. Tilden has some bad news. They finally confront Becky's problem again. Darlene foolishly races an expensive car.


Darlene is worried about Becky's alcohol problem. She tells Becky that she is going on vacation next week. Unfortunately, Darlene did not know about Molly's problem. Darlene gets to see Mrs. Tilden for the first time. Mrs. Tilden tells her Molly moved back home because Molly was dying. Molly died shortly after the last time Darlene saw her.

Jackie, Becky, and Darlene went to the funeral, but Harris did not. Harris asks for alcohol, which worries Becky. While Becky drinks an orange soda, Jackie takes the bottle with her.

Beverly Rose is staying with Becky, who is overwhelmed about work and school. She gives up, angrily clears off the bed, and resumes her secret stash of alcohol.

Darlene finds a rental car to race around in. It attracts a spoiled teenager that she gladly accepts the offer to race him. Jackie wants to ride with her. Darlene wins the race with 130 m.p.h.!

It turns out that the other guy is a 21 Jump Street style of Police Officer. Dan found out about Darlene's car after it got impounded. He got the impound charges dismissed but tells Darlene to stop driving it as her license is suspended. Jackie walks in with Beverly Rose. She says Becky's alcohol problem is much worse. Dan scolds his two very immature daughters before they crash into a tree and send their children to the hospital. He also says that the best remedy for a child is to put ice under their arms.

Jackie tells Mrs. Tilden about a letter that they recently discovered. In the letter, Molly confessed that she is too sick to travel. Molly also included final instructions.

Becky is annoyed that Beverly Rose is taken away from her yet again. However, Jackie and Harris confront Becky about the Vodka. Jackie confiscated Becky's car. Becky wants them to drive her around. Dan and Darlene join in to tell Becky that she is out of control. Jackie tricks Becky into confessing by claiming that she found Beverly Rose on the floor suffocating. They tell Becky to go alcohol counseling.

Darlene tells Ben that Molly left in her will two vacation tickets for Ben and Darlene. Despite Molly successfully bringing Ben and Darlene together, Ben wants the tickets transferred. Ben says that they need to buy a house. Both Ben and Darlene agree that Hawaii is stupid. However, she changes her mind after hearing the lovely music.

Jackie, Darlene, and Dan are finding difficulty in finding a clinic for Becky. They nervously decide on the Jewish one.

Jackie finally agrees for Harris to give her a tattoo. Jackie apparently has never gotten a tattoo before; and panics at the first second.






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