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All About Rosey was a two-part episode arc, the 19th and 20th episodes of Season 7 of Roseanne, also the 166th and 167th episodes overall in the series. It was written by Rob Ulin and Perry Dance with the story by Leif Sandaas and Rob Ulin, and was directed by Gail Mancuso. It originally aired on ABC-TV on March 1, 1995.


In the first part of this one hour clip show special, a young Roseanne and Jackie go to a fortuneteller to look into the future, where they find Jackie taking an adult, autistic DJ to a psychiatrist. In the second half, sitcom moms point the finger at Rosey about parenting.

Plot summary[]

In this hour-long episode of clips, a fortune teller tells little Jackie and little Roseanne what their future holds. Meanwhile, an adult D.J. recalls his youth during a therapy session.





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