Arts Beauty Shop

Arts Beauty Shop.

Art's Beauty Shop is a beauty salon named after Marsha's late Husband, Art. Located in Lanford it was one of the many places Roseanne Conner worked at. Crystal (A regular customer) recommended Roseanne try out a job interview there and is instantly given a job position there. This job was short lived and Roseanne left off-screen between Season 2 and Season 3 to work at Rodbells Luncheonette.

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Meg WellmanEdit

Meg Wellman is the former boss of Roseanne Conner at Wellman Plastics, despite this though, always incorrectly refers to her as "Roxanne". A regular customer at the Beauty Shop and is always treating the employers as slaves. Later on, she makes a car collision into Roseanne's car resulting in Roseanne having a neck injury. Fearing being sued, she attempts to buy Roseanne off with cash.

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Marsha is the very relaxed owner of the beauty salon. Was once married to a guy called Art, although he died many years ago, Marsha will take any opportunity to mention him and even hangs a picture of him up in the salon, in memory of him.

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Iris is a employee at the beauty salon, often sarcastic and makes many offhand jokes about her and her family's upbringings in low-life war like areas, much to the surprise of Roseanne.

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Debbie is some what air-headed but good hearted. She's into nature foods and the latest cosmetic breakthroughs. She often offers her opinion when it's not asked for.

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