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BOO! was the seventh episode of Season 2 of Roseanne, also the 30th overall series episode. Written by Norma Safford Vela, the episode was directed by John Pasquin. It originally aired on ABC-TV on Halloween night, October 31, 1989.


During Halloween, Roseanne and Dan compete to see who is the spookiest. Roseanne tries to bring the spirit of Halloween to Becky.


  • The Conner family creates an extravagant haunted house for trick-or-treaters in this episode. All family members help run the haunted house including Jackie, Crystal and Crystal's son, Lonnie.
  • Roseanne claims to have acquired the witch hat for her costume from her mother-in-law. However, when we meet Audrey Connor in "We Gather Together", she and Roseanne appear to like each other.


  • Roseanne: Becky's fourteen, so all she cares about is boys and herself.
    Jackie: Yeah, she'll grow out of that.
    Roseanne: Why? I never did. Ha!

  • Becky: I hate Halloween.
    Roseanne: Oh, you don't even know what Halloween is!
    Becky: Well, why don't you not tell me.
    Roseanne: Okay, I won't...Halloween is the one night of the entire year where the veil is lifted between the living and the dead, and the dead return from hell to walk the earth, and we have to dress up like ghosts and goblins and stuff to fake out the evil spirits or else they might carry us back to hell with them...
    Becky: So, why do the dead people come back?
    Roseanne: For the candy! There's no chocolate in Hell. That's why it's Hell. Well, they have some chocolate, it's really crummy chocolate. Like, it doesn't have any caramel or nougat, doesn't have a creamy center or almonds...
    Becky: (interrupts) Mother...
    Roseanne: Do you want to go and get dressed, or do you just want to go straight to Hell?

  • Jackie: Roseanne, remember Mrs. Osmond?
    Roseanne: Oh yeah, she was scary.
    Becky: Who was she?
    Jackie: Oh, she was this mad woman over on Elm Ridge who looked like a vampire. She had this long black haggy hair and some cape thing and she used to jump out from her front porch and scare us half to death.
    Roseanne: Too bad she never did it on Halloween.
    Jackie: Hey, sis, didn't she wind up in the jail for the criminally insane?
    Roseanne: Yeah, and I think that, uh, I read somewhere that she just got released.
    Jackie: Yeah... yeah, I think I read that too.
    Darlene: Well, you think she'll come back to Lanford?
    Roseanne: If she's truly insane she will.
    Becky: Darlene, they're just goofin' on you.
    Roseanne: (widens eyes): Yeah! We're just.. goofin' on you.

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