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Betsy Salkind (born November 25, 1963) an actress, comedian, sketchwriter and former drummer for the rock band Phenobarbidolls, Betsy served as a staff writer for the Season 9 episode of Roseanne titled "Roseambo". Betsy's stand up career includes an early banning in Boston, where she performed "The Emperor's Getting F**ked," a short piece about misogyny, racism, and viciousness in the comedy clubs. Performed only twice, it caused a stir in the comedy community and took her for several years into the world of performance art. Several years later she reemerged in New York and LA comedy clubs and is a regular at NY's Comic Strip and LA's Comedy Store, and has appeared on "Girls Night Out, Stand-Up, Stand-Up, ESPN's ARLI$$,Pet Shop with Andy Kindler, NBC-TV's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and most recently in the SHOWTIME special "Fierce Funny Women."

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Born in Troy, New York and razed in Connecticut and Virginia, as a child, young Betsy put on plays with her brothers in which she was always cast as the wicked witch or cruel stepsister. She graduated from MIT with a BS and a Master's degree from the Sloan School of Management. Her master's thesis was titled: "Can't You Take A Joke? A Study of Sexual Harassment Among Peers." Preferring the security of the arts, she left her career as a Federal Reserve Bank Examiner to become a comedienne.

Betsy is also the author of More Than Once Upon A Time (2006), a short, illustrated children's-style book that tells the story of a child who is raped by her father and his friends, but manages to overcome it and then ruin his life, as well as the hilarious Betsy's Sunday School Bible Classics (2008).

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