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Birthdays, Babies and Emotional Support Chickens is the fourth episode of Season 3 of The Conners, also the 35th episode overall.


It's Beverly Rose's first birthday – but it's not all cake and candles – when Becky and Emilio disagree on what kind of party they should have. Meanwhile, Jackie is introduced to someone who wants to be more than friends.


There are people that finally join The Conner Family, whether they are ready or not. Louise's Brother decides to be there for Jackie. Emilio decides to be there for Beverly Rose. He puts his foot down about his Carribean Traditions, but they are very expensive.


The chickens are discussed for the first time in a long time. Dan wants eggs anyways, despite there not being any eggs for breakfast. Darlene is in an unusual good mood, with Becky saying that Darelene found Pot in Louise's facial cream. When Louise gets defensive, Becky says: "Actually, I really want to steal your face cream.". Becky gets Darlene by her self, and they celebrate news of Darlene's pregnancy.

Emilio is watching Beverly Rose at The Lunch Box. She is upset that he is trying to recehedule her nap time. He brings up asking Dan to let him stay over there instead, with Becky saying no. Since Emilio and his family loves to party, he asks her again about throwing him a luxurious party. He also says that he wants Beverly Rose to be a Latin Catholic, infuriating Becky even more. Becky explains why The Conner Family lost their religion.

Darlene finally tells Ben that they are finally going to have a baby. Every body else is out side Doctor Neville, a Veterinarian, and Louise's brother. He quickly says that The Chickens need more protein and that their food is tainted. He spends the rest of his time talking about Jackie.

Emilio has snuck over to the house, with Becky quickly trying to get Dan to change his mind about him. The result is that they have to have the party some where else.

Neville talks to Jackie at The Lunch Box. Nothing that she says scares him.

Darlene is in the kitchen with Becky nearby. Darlene's doctor tells her the bad news about the test results being in error. She can not have a child with Ben be cause of numerous health problems.

Emilio has set up the party at the house anyways, much to Becky's chagrin. She now believes of that he is taking advantage of her. In a way she is right; Emilio also arranged for Beverly Rose to be baptized.

Ben gets Beverly Rose a box of instant rice as a toy, and finds Darlene drinking. She tells him the bad news.

However, Ben and Darlene are soon the official God Parents for Beverly Rose. Dan shows up anyways after seeing that he is only punishing him self by not going.

The ending scene has Neville and Jackie going out for coffee. She kept her promise that she is going to be herself, unloading her life story on him.



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  • Emilio's last name is revealed to be Rodriguez.
  • Although aired as the fourth episode of the season, it was filmed as the third one.


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