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Blue (played by Juliette Lewis) was the former girlfriend of David Healy and finds herself in a love triangle between them and Darlene Conner.

She is first mentioned in Season 10 of Roseanne, before finally appearing in Season 1 of The Conners. It is highly possible that she used to be a dominatrix.

David left Darlene and his two kids; Mark Conner Healy and Harris Healy to be with her to travel the world in an attempt to "save it". Due to David wanted to be around his kids more, him and Blue move back to Lanford, only to bump heads with Darlene.

Blue and Darlene begin to clash due to their different parenting styles, Blue has a much more relaxed parenting style which results in Harris losing her virginity. Overtime they become friendly with one another, but Darlene still shares some resentment towards Blue and continues to mocks her name.

After sometime, David breaks up with her so that he can be with Darlene.

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