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Bridge Over Troubled Conners is the twentieth and final episode of Season 2 of The Conners, also the 31st episode overall.


Darlene and Ben go apartment hunting as they take on the next step in building their life together. Jackie and Becky take Beverly Rose on a road trip to Mexico to meet her father for the first time while Dan reluctantly shares his financial troubles with Louise as he struggles with the pending foreclosure of the house.



Darlene and Ben are looking for a new apartment. Becky and Jackie accept the Tias offer to meet Emilio in Ciudad Juarez. Darlene is concerned about D.J. watching The Lunch Box as well as Becky marrying Emilio. She also notices Jackie overdosing on energy drinks. Becky is equally scatterbrained when she almost forgets to bring Beverly Rose with them.

Dan tries to walk home from the store until Louise picks him up. He has no money to get his truck out of the garage. Dan is also about to lose his house. He is finally forced to tell Louise everything. Dan still has trouble sharing his problems with Louise since he feels embarrassed. Louise says it is much better for her to go with him.

John Goodman says The Conners is recorded in front of a live studio audience.

Ben, Darlene, and the two children tour new apartments. They are not excited because it has never worked out. They meet the guy who is ready to move out. After losing his mother and one of his birds, he wants to find a new place to live. Darlene thinks he would be perfect for Jackie. They also are delighted that they found the perfect apartment.

Dan tells Louise that he and Jim Daniels go back to before they even bought the house, more than 40 years of friendship. Dan was at Jim's wedding to Gail, bringing them hams ever since. However, Jim tells Dan that he has a new boss which is even closer to firing him. Louise takes the ham for herself.

Becky takes Beverly Rose to meet Emilio for the first time in person. She tells Emilio that she won a small lottery, and Emilio delivers a gift from Beverly Rose's grandmother. Since it is earrings, Becky tries them on for herself.

Louise is in the kitchen with Ben and Darlene. They tell her about the new apartment, but she tells them about Dan. He is behind on his bills at least $4,000.00 U.S.D. with no hope for employment. Darlene confesses that it is unlikely that Dan will find work soon and insists that they stay in the house for a few months. Ben tells Darlene that the situation is permanent. Darlene walks out of the room, but Ben puts his foot down. He says that memories do not need to be tied to a house until Darlene gets him to admit that his parents are wealthier.

Becky has spent much time in Mexico, excited that people are so nice and that every thing costs much less money. However, she admits that she would spend it on Tequila. Becky says it is time for them to go, with Emilio saying that might be the last time they see each other. Emilio says that the tias will not be paying for any other trips. Becky understands, and asks Emilio for marriage. Emilio is glowing.

Dan turns areound and shows Darlene the bruises he got from a fight over money. He was able to recover some of the money from a customer that did not pay him in full, but Darlene says that by the time he recovers all of the money, Dan could get killed. When Ben sees the bruises, he decides to stay with Dan. Dan agrees with what Ben originally said about grown kids needing their own place. He does not want to be a burden, and so far only accepts offers of soap poured from public soap dispensers into old bottles.

Becky returns from Mexico, saying that she dropped Jackie off at her house after listening to Jackie's hysteria during the road trip. D.J. and Mary are in the kitchen but Mary does not say any thing. Becky tells D.J. that she is going back to The United Mexican States because Emilio and Becky are officially married. Nobody else says any thing either, for a moment. Dan finally explains his concerns again. He says that Becky risks going to jail. Harris offers to look after Becky's stolen ear rings.

Dan's worries are justified. Emilio snuck back with the help of the tias. Becky tells him to sit through the marriage and the citizenship procedures. Emilio explains that he had a fight with his family in Mexico. She reluctantly brings Beverly Rose before kicking him out.

They went back to Mexico, with Jackie waiting at the station again. Jackie is posing as a Mexican citizen. She is badgering people as they walk by. She tells several Caucasian families, presumably from the United States, to not appropriate other cultures. A Caucasian lady replies saying that there are many Spanish speakers that are actually Caucasians, scoffing at Jackie, as well as Mexico. But since the lady has no noticeable accent, Jackie starts talking in Spanish.



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