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*[[Wikipedia:David Pasquesi|David Pasquesi]] as Cyril
*[[Wikipedia:David Pasquesi|David Pasquesi]] as Cyril
*[[imdb:nm2062713|Alison Segura]] as Maria
*[[imdb:nm2062713|Alison Segura]] as Maria
*The title is a reference to the [[wikipedia:Simon & Garfunkel|Simon & Garfunkel]] song "[[wikipedia:Bridge over Troubled Water (song)|Bridge over Troubled Water]]". This title was also referenced in the [[Season 1]] episode "[[Bridge Over Troubled Sonny]]" from ''[[Roseanne (TV series)|Roseanne]]''.

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Bridge Over Troubled Conners is the twentieth and final episode of Season 2 of The Conners, also the 31st episode overall.


Darlene and Ben go apartment hunting as they take on the next step in building their life together. Jackie and Becky take Beverly Rose on a road trip to Mexico to meet her father for the first time while Dan reluctantly shares his financial troubles with Louise as he struggles with the pending foreclosure of the house.





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