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Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Mort (born on June 16, 1956 in Detroit, Michigan) served as a writer, vo-ptoducer and supervising producer for 48 episodes of Roseanne from Seasons 7–9.

Early life and career[]

Cynthia, who is the writer and director in the 2013 film Nina which starred Zoe Saldana, was also the writer for three years of the television series Roseanne and in one episode of Will & Grace in 2001, She was also the screenplay writer in Jodie Foster 2007’s film The Brave One and in the TV series Tell Me You Love Me; in 2011 she was a screen play writer, and executive producer of the television movie Tilda.

Private life[]

Cynthia is a 1974 graduate of East Detroit High School. She was in a longtime relationship with the 60-year-old actress, and director Melanie Mayron with whom she has been raising her 14-year-old twins daughter Olivia and son Miles. Reportedly, she is presently in a relationship with Oscar winning actress Jodie Foster, whom she met in the set of The Brave One,  

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