Dances with Darlene was the 23rd episode of Season 3 of Roseanne, also the 70th overall series episode. Written by Brad Issacs, the episode was directed by Gail Mancuso. It originally aired on ABC-TV on April 30, 1991.


Roseanne tries convincing Darlene to wear something feminine to a big school dance, but Darlene would rather attract attention for her softball skills.


  • Becky's hair changes grows between this episode and "Scenes from a Barbecue." The episodes were shown out of production order.
  • Roseanne's remark to Darlene where she says, "There's lots of ways of getting back at me! Maybe Becky's boyfriend has a little brother!" foreshadows her future relationship with Mark's younger brother David.


Leon: Another day, another dollar, right, ladies?
Roseanne: Well, I haven't counted my tips yet, but it sounds about right!

Dan: If this Barry guy tries to hold you close, tell him you're gonna throw up!
Darlene: I thought I'd save that for when he wanted to have sex!

Roseanne: You know, Darlene, there's lots of ways of gettin' back at me! Maybe Becky's boyfriend has a little brother!

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