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Roseanne: Season Three
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After Police Officer Jackie gets slightly injured, Gary says that he's tired of always worrying about her and wants Jackie to quit her job on the force.

Meanwhile, Becky and Darlene find something disturbing under D.J.'s bed that makes them believe he's a complete psycho.


  • This episode marks the last appearance of Gary.


Darlene: D.J. is doing something weird, and I don't mean regularly weird, I mean weird weird.
Roseanne: I am so tired of this. Every time he does something, you two come down the stairs complaining. I told you before, he doesn't do things the same way you do things, he's a boy. Boys do things differently.
Darlene: Very different. (shows the doll heads to Roseanne)
Roseanne: Awwww, it looks like D.J. has a hobbie.
Becky: Mother! These are my old dolls!
Dan: Oh God, he's not playing with dolls, is he? (looks up to see the beheaded Barbie doll) Oh, good!

Jackie (to the nurse): Then he went for his gun.
Nurse: What gun? Your partner said the guy was completely naked and then you both fell down a flight of stairs.
Roseanne: You tackled a naked guy?
Jackie: It was dark, it could have been a gun!

Roseanne (about the boxes of doll heads and doll parts that Darlene and Becky found under D.J.'s bed): He's a boy and boys do things like this...
Darlene: Alright, but when we do finally have to lock the little wacko in the basement, don't expect me to change his papers.