Home is Where the Afghan Is was the 10th episode of Season 9 of Roseanne, also the 208th overall series episode. It was written by Lawrence Broch, and was directed by Gary Halvorson. It originally aired on ABC-TV on November 26, 1996.


Roseanne, Jackie, and the family finally arrive home from all the excitement! Roseanne is disappointed that Dan hasn't returned from his trip yet. Her Thanksgiving is being catered, so she and Jackie open the Lunch Box as a soup kitchen. Bev reveals more than she intended during Thanksgiving dinner (as usual).



Roseanne's upset that Dan won't be around for Thanksgiving; this year, having won the lottery, they are having it catered, but the staff they hire are far from pleasant.  As the holiday takes place, Scott and Leon announce their upcoming plans to adopt a child.  Bev (who has had more than a few) immediately goes into a tirade against this and against men in general, despite the fact that she usually gets along with Leon; Jackie's Prince Charles, similarly drunk, starts speaking in a stereotypical manner.  During her tirade, Bev accidentally blurts out that the only way she tolerated her former marriage was by keeping copies of Playboy; amid the stunned silence that follows, Darlene remarks, "Well, looks like Grandma's just outed herself!"

At the end of it all, Roseanne feels depressed, as she never had to do any work through the  holiday process and wanted to feel some satisfaction; later on she, Darlene, and Jackie are shown cheerfully dishing out meals for the homeless at the Lunchbox. 



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