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James Brolin played the part of Edgar Wellman Jr. son of the Wellman Plastics company founder Edgar Wellman, Sr., who owned the company where Roseanne and Jackie worked at in the Season 9 episodes "Some Enchanted Merger" and "Lanford's Elite". A veteran television and film actor of six decades, James also made a notable appearance as Florida Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Robert Ritchie on NBC-TV series The West Wing. Perhaps best known for his supporting role on the television series Marcus Welby, M.D., Brolin has also starred in several films including Last Chance Harvey (with Richard Schiff), Catch Me If You Can (with Martin Sheen, Chris Ellis and Amy Adams), and Traffic (with Michael O'Neill). He has also guest starred on Psych (starring Dulé Hill, Kirsten Nelson and Corbin Bernsen). He formerly portrayed as John Bertram Short on CBS comedy series Life in Pieces.

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James is the father of actor Josh Brolin (born 1968), Jess Brolin (born 1972) and Molly Brolin (born 1987). His first wife, Jane, died in a car crash in 1995. This was devastating to him because after all the turmoil during their divorce proceedings in 1986, they had become friends. This friendship started when they both had to put up a brave face at a premiere for their son, Josh Brolin.

James was also married to model/actress Jan Smithers, who is best known to TV sitcom viewers as "Bailey Quarters" from the CBS-TV sitcom series WKRP In Cincinnati from 1986-1995. He has been married to Barbara Streisand since 1998.

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