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Jeopardé, Sobrieté, and Infidelité is the nineteenth episode of Season 3 of The Conners, also the 50th episode overall.


Darlene makes a decision about her trip to Hawaii, leading to a heated encounter with Barb. Meanwhile, Becky gives a presentation on addiction to Mark's class.


Barb wants Darlene to talk to Ben. She also challenges Jackie to a game of Poker. Neville helps Jackie stand up to Beverly. Becky is a cheerful Guest Lecturer that provides frightening information about alcohol.


Ben says that Darlene has not talked to him in a while. She says she does not want to sell the tickets to Hawaii. He leaves in disgust.

Louise, Jackie, Darlene, Dan, and Harris are in the kitchen. They ask about Jackie's time on Jeopardy! and then Becky walks in the kitchen also. She went from doing badly at Rehab to doing so good that they released her. She said that working too many hours is not helping with her recovery. She wants to spend more time with just Beverly Rose. Also, she is compelled to help everybody around her. She points out that Darlene and Dan are being very unsupportive and need to be avoided. Dan still has his beer and is making no apologies about it. Louise and Jackie tell Dan to stop. She goes to school and promises Mark Junior to get an A for his alcohol assignment.

Darlene asks Jeff to go with her to Hawaii. Barb senses that Darlene is up to some thing and tells Darlene to go to dinner with her.

Becky begins her tour as a Guest Lecturer. She presents the accurate infomoration and horrifying real life experiences. The students ask questions and actually do not want to consume alcohol.

The Conner Family watches Jackie goof up on Jeopardy! where she says the wrong answer. She says that there can be more than one right answer. While that might be true, Jeopardy! is well known for a while to not accept more than one answer. However, the host explains why Jackie's answer is wrong. Even more embarrassing is that she has a negative score at the last clue. And if that is not is not bad enough, the Final Jeopardy! category is "Famous Cats" which Jackie would have easily won and returned the next day. Beverly tells Jackie all the reasons why Jackie is wrong. She says that Jackie needs to avoid common game shows and instead try out for competitions. Jackie quickly tells them that Jeopardy! invited her back again based on a broken plunger despite Jackie clearly being called to answer a clue.

Barb and Louise meet for the first time. Louise does not want to serve Barb and tells Darlene to do that instead. Darlene tells Barb she has no intention of remembering Barb's order. However, Darlene leaves her smartphone on the table. Barb even admits that she was reading Darlene's messages. Barb says Darlene going to Hawaii with Jeff is exactly what she wanted to talk about. Darlene explains the situation. She also says that the tickets do not actually belong to her; She has only inherited them. Barb says that the most important thing is that the results are Darlene is sneaking around which Barb hates. She says that that is exactly what happened in her life and nearly lost her marriage. She also says that since she considers Ben making sacrifices by waiting for Darlene to see him that Darlene should sell the tickets.

Jackie and Neville are alone so she tells him what really happened. In addition to the other disasters, she was heard answering the clues after somebody else answered the clues. Jackie says that she should have been assigned to guess the clue instead. She accuses Jeopardy! of being very cheap. She even says that the host has a crush on her. The guards took her away. Neville tells Jackie that she does not need to tell the truth. He says to send a message to Beverly:

"To my life long addict: I am going to turn this failure into a success so big, that you will choke on it.".

Jackie says: "... and finally be dead?".

Neville says to take the high road and take it one step at a time.

They tell Becky that they are afraid of her. After that, Darlene and Ben reconcile, and invite Barb to play Poker. Dan says that he wants Barb's watch.

Barb says she saw Jackie humiliate herself. She intends to easily defeat Jackie. Jackie says that she has Three Queens. Barb has Three Aces. Jackie asks Becky to tell Barb to stop drinking alcohol.



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  • Ben's last name is finally revealed to be 'Olinsky'.
  • Despite being credited, Michael Fishman (D.J.) does not appear.


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