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Jerry Bowman (played by Danton Stone) was the husband of Kathy Bowman and father of Todd Bowman. He and his family moved to Lanford from Chicago when he accepted a management position at Wellman Plastics. Jerry enjoyed living in a smaller town, particularly things like owning a tree in his back yard and getting to know his neighbors which never happened before.

Although he was pleased that his son was doing well in Lanford, he was upset that his wife was clearly having a miserable time. Jerry also got along well with the Conner family, getting to be pally with Dan in particular. The two of them were members of the Lodge and attended functions together like the Halloween party where he and his wife dressed like garishly decorated clowns.

When he and his wife rowed over returning to Chicago, he put his foot down, exclaiming "we're not moving back to Chicago and that's final." However, he was forced to when he was laid off at Wellman Plastics as the company was in deep financial trouble. Although he was moderately okay with the move, he was less so comfortable with taking what he described as a "son-in-law" job.

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