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Keith Faber (played by Fred Dalton Thompson) was the no-nonsense misogynistic foreman at Wellman Plastics after taking over from Booker Brooks in 1989. He supervised the assembly line employees including Roseanne Conner, Jackie Harris and Crystal Anderson.

Faber sought to impose his authority quickly on the factory but encountered resistance from Roseanne who cheerfully shot down his brashness with a quip or two. He pulled her aside and said that she was one of the best workers in the factory but he would break her eventually. The workers never had quotas above 5500 but Faber decided to set them to 8000, knowing that most wouldn't be able to cope with the unacceptably high level. Roseanne complained and the two struck a deal by which she would agree to behave in exchange for lowering the quotas to 6500.

The deal the two struck included Roseanne performing humiliating tasks like putting paper towels in the men's bathroom which she accepted with uncharacteristic meekness. With Roseanne seemingly broken, Faber tried to raise the quotas again to 8000 which made Roseanne's blood boil. She marched into his office and said they had a deal and he was now renaging on it. Faber dismissed her saying that she was broken and any of her "loser friends" who couldn't make the quotas would be fired. She stormed out mid argument claiming she'd had enough; of him, of the job and of the "whole stinkin' factory".

Faber scoffed at Roseanne's display and challenged the rest of the assembly workers, daring them to do as Roseanne did stating there were two doors in the factory - one that paid and one that didn't. In total, six workers (on screen) walked out humiliating Faber. This was later seen as the beginning of the end for Wellman Plastics as productivity never quite remained the same and the company lost money before shutting down altogether in 1992.

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