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Knee Deep is the 9th and final episode of Season 10 of Roseanne, also the 231st episode and series finale overall.

It serves as the final episode of the show after being abruptly cancelled for the controversy of Barr's percieved racist and islamophobic tweets. A spin-off series entitled The Conners replaced the revival series soon after.


Roseanne's knee gets worse so Dan is forced to a make an important work decision; but when a major storm hits Lanford, their fortunes change for the better. Later, Darlene realizes she has to go back to her first passion, writing.


Roseanne still not go to the doctor, so Dan decides to fire Chuck in order to pay for it. Darlene is about to be fired from her Casino job unless she can handle demanding customers. Just as when every thing in their lives is about to be ruined, they are able to recover again. Since construction work is in more need than ever before, Chuck can go it alone. When Dan asks him, he demands that Dan treats him equally.


Roseanne is still hurting. She can not get out of the Master Bathroom. Darlene wakes up Dan, who is wearing his breathing mask. He wants her to have knee surgery, but she reminds her of the very long waiting list as well as large amount of money. Dan says he has no other choice but to hire Undocumented Migrant Workers and to cheat on the lumber.

Dan and Roseanne are complaining about their breakfast again so Chuck brings donuts. She asks him about Anne Marie who needed hip surgery. She barely recovered. Chuck says that he should have sent her to another country to do it. Roseanne thinks about it for two reasons. The first reason is that she can go now and for half the price, with no risk of malpractice. The other reason is that she really does not want Dan risk going to prison. After Chuck leaves, Dan says that he might have to replace Chuck also. Roseanne begs Jackie for help selling antique items.

Becky finds Darlene, who is already struggling at the casino. She gives Darlene a push up bra, which Becky uses push up bras for tips. Darlene takes it and uses it as a face mask. Becky says that Darlene needs to flirt, or at least find something else to say besides simply "What do you want?". Becky urges her to take the job seriously in order to support her kids. Darlene says that keeping it simple worked for her kids before, but Becky says that keeping it simple will not be good for simple customers.

Roseanne and Jackie find Nana Mary's belongings. Roseanne tries on her old hat, which she now resembles Nana Mary. Nana Mary was once a doll maker, or at least collector of dolls that Roseanne and Jackie were terrified of. They are told that the dolls are worth thousands of dollars.

Darlene is working at the casino, seriously putting in effort. She interacts with her male customers, but at the end of the scene, she is not going to be able to handle working there much longer.

They take the doll to the appraiser, who quickly looks for technicalities. He tells them some ridiculous excuse that since the doll was repaired, it might as well still be broken. Roseanne and Jackie agreee, since they hate the doll, and want to be rid of it no matter how much or how little they are paid. Roseanne is ready to insult the appraiser, but gets a phone call from Dan. He is in the Basement trying to save items from a flood.

The next scene shows Dan cleared the Basement while standing Knee Deep in water. Chuck confronts Dan about being replaced. He is angry that all these years he was supposed to be partner but was paid much less than Dan. Dan simply does not care since on top of all the other problems, he has to figure out why the basement flooded, and is about to lose everything. Chuck says that he himself already lost everything. Dan basically says: "I told you before. If I am eating, so are you. But since I am not eating...".

Roseanne comes home. Dan says they knew they should have gotten Flood Insurance. She laughs about finally having their own swimming pool. He says that if the basement is not repaired quickly, the entire house would be destroyed. He starts handing her boxes but tells her to hide them from every body else since they are not supposed to know. After she leaves, he tries to put a heavy box on the top shelf, which was damaged from the water. Every thing collapses so he picks up a crow bar for one of the walls he built.

Illinois was declared a state of emergency. Dan is delighted that the flood is not his fault, and he can restore the basement and foundation. Since he can do the work him self, he will have enough money left over to send Roseanne to the doctor.

They celebrate with alcohol in the Master Bedroom, but this time Roseanne is not drunk. She says that with the city wide flood damage, that Dan and Chuck will be able to find plenty of work, but encourages them to get back together. Dan says that Chuck demanded a legitimate partnership with equal salary and equal paid vacation.

The rest of the episode deals with Roseanne getting ready for the knee surgery. They cook dinner and tell her to eat all she can before 8 P.M. which is the time that she has to stop eating and to start resting. She gets all the foods that are easy to eat fast so that she can eat as much as possible.





  • Season 11 was intended to air later on in the year after this episode. As a result of the sudden Season 11 cancellation, this is now the series finale of the whole show.
  • This marks the very last appearance of Roseanne Barr as Roseanne Conner following her racist and islamophobic tweet scandal.
  • After previously appearing in "Go Cubs", Larry Blackman (Store Clerk) makes his second appearance this season.
  • Although aired as the ninth and final episode of the season, it was filmed as the eighth.


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