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Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places was the fifth episode of Season 5 of Roseanne, also the 103rd overall series episode. Written by Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline, the episode was directed by Andrew D. Weyman. It originally aired on ABC-TV on October 20, 1992.


Roseanne decides to open a loose-meat restaurant with Jackie and Nancy. When she can't get a bank loan, she goes to her mother as a last resort; In order for Bev to agree to put up another $10,000, the trio reluctantly let her become their 4th partner.

Plot summary[]

Denied a loan to open the restaurant, Roseanne must turn to her mother, who has a different solution to her money woes. Darlene catches D.J. peeping at neighbor Molly, so she sets up a trap to teach him a lesson, and gets a lesson herself about the peeper.



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  • D.J. came up with "Lunch Box" as the name of the loose-meat restaurant.
  • The door to DJ's room is on the left, where Darlene enters, but in all other episodes the entrance is on the right.
  • Despite being credited, Lecy Goranson (Becky Conner) does not appear.


  • Darlene: [to DJ] You're about to become a strange smell in the attic.

  • Darlene: I can make you feel like a man, David...take out the trash.

  • DJ [to Molly]: You're a way better babysitter than Darlene.
  • Molly: Oh, yeah?
  • DJ: Yeah, you let me out of my room.

  • DJ: Cool! I get to name the restaurant!
  • Darlene: [sarcastically] Great. This from the boy who named his goldfish, "Fluffy."

  • Jackie: It's just so neat, you know? Being in the kitchen with my guy all hungry, waitin' for food.
  • Roseanne: Yeah, it really is neat, you know. And if you play your cards right, you get to do it three times a day, every day, until one of you dies.

  • Roseanne: Well, why do you call it the Small Business Administration? Why don't you just call it the Get Your Own Damn Money Administration?

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