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Louise Goldufski (played by Katey Sagal) is a bartender at Casita Bonita and close friend of Dan Conner.

She was friends with Dan Connor during high school and had a sexual interest in him, he was however dating Roseanne Conner at the time. She was in Roseanne's and Dan's class and was often the main focus of talent shows, much to Jackie's annoyance.

Shortly after graduation, she traveled to Chicago to play with her garage band. She stayed there for 30 years, living off of her success. A few months after Roseanne's death though, she finds herself living back in Lanford. She reveals her feelings for Dan, but is rejected due to him still being in love with his wife, they decide to continue to remain close friends thereafter.

After Becky has her baby, Louise and Dan make the decision to hang out more and see where things eventually lead to. This has caused pain for Jackie who is still grieving over Roseanne. However, Louise promised her to take it slowly and not marry him unless Jackie decides it is okay.

She is set to appear in at least ten episodes in Season 2 of The Conners.

List of Appearances

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