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Louise Goldufski (played by Katey Louise Sagal) is a musician and bartender at Casita Bonita, as well as the current fiancée of Dan Conner. She has a brother named Neville who is a veterinarian and has a bit of an obsession with Jackie.

She was first mentioned near the beginning of the Roseanne series, however her character doesn't debut on-screen until the first season of The Conners. She was friends with Dan Conner during high school, and was in his and Roseanne's class. She was often the main focus of talent shows, much to Jackie's annoyance.

Also during high school, Louise eventually had a short-lived romantic and sexual relationship with Dan. This took place when Dan was taking a break from his then ex-girlfriend and future wife at the time, Roseanne. Dan left Louise to rekindle with Roseanne, however, Dan never told Roseanne about their fling. The secret was revealed fifteen years in their marriage which caused Roseanne to be bitter, upset, suspicious, and less trusting of Dan. Dan claimed that he only did it because he wanted to feel better after their breakup, felt horrible after the fact, and always wanted to end up with his wife. This caused a short-lived unofficial separation in their marriage, much to Dan's dismay. The couple eventually reconciled.

Shortly after Roseanne's death, Louise finds herself living back in their hometown. Dan and Louise initially become friends, then romantic partners, and are now currently engaged.

On-screen presence on The Conners[]

Season 1[]

Shortly after graduation, she traveled to Chicago to play with her garage band. She stayed there for thirty years, living off of her success. A few months after Roseanne's death though, she finds herself living back in Lanford.

She reveals her feelings for Dan, but is rejected due to him still being in love with his wife. They decide to continue to remain close friends thereafter.

Season 2[]

After Becky has her baby, Louise and Dan make the decision to hang out more and see where things eventually lead to.

This caused pain for Jackie who was still grieving over Roseanne. However, Louise promised her that she would take it slow and not marry him unless Jackie decides it is okay. After time though, Louise begins to grow tired of Dan not wanting to take it to the next level and thinks he's just stringing her along. Dan isn't willing to move on, and Louise decides she's had enough and leaves Dan.

In 2020, Louise goes on tour again, leaving Casita Bonita to an endlessly working Becky. During her tour though, Dan comes to finally confess his love for her, only to see her kissing a man called Zach. After Dan tells Zach about his love for her, Zach ends up telling Louise about it, much to her annoyance. She comes back to Lanford to confront Dan about it. Louise demands he confesses his love for her directly to her face, which he eventually does, and they decide to begin officially dating.

Season 3[]

After a pandemic happens, Louise makes the decision to move in with Dan and the rest of his family. However, going from having no family at all to being in a house full of one, this begins to take a toll on her stress and comfort. She briefly goes back to her place, before deciding to go back to Dan's place last minute. However, she later tests positive for the Coronavirus and isolates herself from Dan. Dan desires to take of her, but she forbids him from doing so, in order to keep him safe from the virus.

She ends up recovering from Covid after almost dying from it, and returns to working at the Casita Bonita. In her time from having Covid, she realized how much Dan meant to her and intends on spending as much time with him as possible. Dan later proposes to her and she accepts.

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