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Netflix & Pill is the 8th episode of Season 10 of Roseanne, also the 230th episode overall.


After celebrating their 45th anniversary, Roseanne reveals to Dan a bigger problem with her bad knee. Meanwhile, Crystal announces her retirement as a waitress at the casino, and Becky and Darlene compete for the job which has full-time benefits.


Dan and Roseanne celebrate their 45th Anniversary, which is mostly pleasant. Unfortunately, Roseanne is keeping many secrets. Crystal wants to hire somebody for the casino and tells Darlene first. Darlene and Becky argue about working and going back to school.


Dan and Roseanne are celebrating their 45th Anniversary at La Casita Bonita. D.J. says that all their marriages are not impressive and will not get to have their own 45th Anniversaries. Darlene insists that Becky asks the crew to sing for them, but Becky says that they only sing for Birthdays. Darlene yells out that it is her birthday for Dan and Roseanne to get their song. D.J. and Darlene suggest that they use their credit card reward points for other anniversary gifts. They find lodging and an expensive ham.

Roseanne says Roseanne is recorded live in front of a studio audience.

Dan is on the telephone, successfully ordering the same ham that they had on their wedding. He cooks breakfast using a dirty skillet. Roseanne complains about her bad knee and thinks that people stole her pills. Jackie pounces on Darlene until Dan explains why. Jackie decides to pounce on Harris after that. Both Darlene and Harris have alibis. Since Roseanne is unable to get a refill earlier than scheduled, Dan says that he can go to his doctor for other pain pills.

Crystal stops by, announcing her retirement from a decades long job as a casino waitress. She gets a pension, full benefits, and is able to hire her replacement. She offers the job to Darlene. Crystal also says that the job is too good to pass up so Becky becomes interested in it.

Darlene decides not to, similar to when she declined a job offer when she was in school. Dan says that he would love to be a waitress since it is easy to have the money and benefits, and is in need of them. Dan also says that even Bugs Bunny would get a job as a waitress if he needed to.

Dan and Roseanne go to their hotel to use their points but are unable since their credit card past due. The check in process simply will not work. Dan misunderstood the rewards system as handouts. Roseanne sees the fruit and takes some of it.

They celebrate in the kitchen with pink champagne.

Every body else is at La Casita Bonita. Darlene tells Becky that she wants the casino job, to Becky's disappointment. Becky says that Darlene should move away to find a job with her college degree.

Dan and Roseanne are in the living room, drunk, and trying to eat the ham anyways. Roseanne is noticeably much more drunk. She says that it is because she mixed alcohol with the medicine. She tells Dan not to worry, be cause she is finally not in pain.

Crystal is ready to hire Becky, but she tells Crystal try Darlene one more time. Darlene is about to go to work, but stops by to see Becky again. She encourages Becky to go back to school. Becky is just as resistant as Darlene was, but Darlene reminds her that this education opportunity is free. Becky qualifies for grants; it has just as many benefits as Darlene's new job.

Roseanne finally wakes up. Dan confronts her about the missing pills. She took so many pills, she forgot, and needed to get pills left over from when some body had a dental problem. Roseanne also says that there is no way they can afford the insurance payment and that they are still on a very long waiting list. After that, Roseanne becomes a drug addict and drug dealer.

Darlene is at her new job, with Becky as an annoying customer. They take turns driving each other crazy.





  • This is the only episode where Roseanne Barr does the voice of the "recorded in front of a live studio audience" line at the beginning.
  • Marcy Bellinger is mentioned for the first time, she is an acquaintance of Roseanne whom she obtained prescription pills from. She would later appear in the first episode of The Conners and be played by Mary Steenburgen.
  • This is the first episode that deals with Roseanne Conners opioid addiction which would later lead to dire consequences in Season 1 of The Conners.
  • Although aired as the eighth episode of the season, it was filmed as the seventh. As a result of this being filmed outer order, there is a slight discrepancy with the studio audience cheering at Crystal's first appearance, even although she had already appeared two episodes ago in "No Country for Old Women".


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