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Neville Goldufski is Louise's younger brother. In childhood, Neville had limited mobility, and barely made the Track team. Since then, Louise is very protective. Neville is a veterinarian whose expertise spans working at zoos and performing surgeries.

He was contacted by the Conner family to take care of the chickens. He sees Jackie Harris, who is significantly older than he is. Despite this, they have many things in common with each other. He wants a relationship with her, beginning with offering her a pet chicken. This chicken ended up in the care of Mary Conner. Jackie is astonished of his determination to pursue a damaged woman. When Jackie raged at him, he took no notice.

Louise decided that he deserves so much better than Jackie. Jackie decided to visit him and to their surprise, she was just as unfazed at him and his work as he is with her life. He trusted her assistance in a surgery, and later complimented him about it. She finally told him he must slow down. He agrees, but says that he will be around whenever Jackie is ready.

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