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Plastics, Trash Talk & Darlene Antoinette is the third episode of Season 3 of The Conners, also the 34th episode overall.


Darlene isolates herself from her co-workers at Wellman Plastics, leaving them with the impression she is an elitist snob, while Louise decides to teach Harris an expensive life lesson. Jackie has invested everything she has into The Lunch Box and is determined to keep the restaurant running no matter what, leaving some family members to question her actions.


Ben and Jackie are making deliveries. Darlene meets her coworker Nicole, who worked there before. After Darlene makes it clear that she really hates the factory, oNicole draws a caricature of Darlene. Since she needs the job, she tries to patch things up with Nicole, but it seems too late. Harris plays Poker for the first time, and is at odds after being defeated by Louise.


Darlene and Becky are working a shift at Wellman. They have different methods about how to go through their days. Becky loves to talk to her new coworker and her new friend Nicole, but Darlene believes that such interactions are beneath her.

Louise is teaching Harris how to play guitar for a new boyfriend. Dan walks in and they discuss the living arrangements. Since his friends are playing Poker less often, Louise says that the family should play instead.

In the kitchen, Ben updates Becky about Beverly Rose. He also talks with Jackie about both of them making more deliveries since the insides of restaurants are closed.

He walks in the living room and sits on the couch with Darlene. He loves his job no matter how silly it is. He also says that it if she interacts with her coworkers it will not seem like a depressing job. Darlene said that when she did that, she was not interested in hearing about their day, even if their day is interesting. She says that she has no intention to interact with her coworkers.

The workers at Wellman have no place to park since the parking lot is being repaved. It is too inconvienient for Darlene to keep eating in her car. Darlene goes so much out of her way that she will rather eat in the restroom instead of the lounge with everybody else. She hears her coworkers mock her as they wash their hands. When they return to work, Darlene notices a drawing of her hung on the wall.

Dan and D.J. are talking about Louise in the garage before they go to the kitchen to play Poker. Becky and Louise are there, with Harris playing Poker for her first time. Mark has been making masks out of various fabrics. They try yet again to bring Louise to stay with them more often. Jackie walks in to announce that she is adding Thai Food to The Lunch Box. They keep playing Poker, with everybody mocking each other. Louise takes advantage of Harris's lack of experience with Poker to win. Harris does not like this and immediately rejects Louise.

Mark talks to Darlene on the porch. He says that he hates school and she hates work. She tells him about when she refused to celebrate Nicole's birthday, they started drawing her comparing her to snooty Marie Antoinette. She says that she has nothing in common with her coworkers. Mark says that they have a lot more in common than she knows about. After she loses the debate, she says she will start eating lunch with them, but tries to get the last word before she goes inside.

She walks in to the lounge and introduces herself. She sits next to Nicole, who is upset that Darlene did not want to celebrate her birthday. She says that she fondly remembers Roseanne, and that Darlene is absolutely nothing like her. Darlene says that Roseanne worked at Wellman to provide a better future for her, but Nicole says that Roseanne worked there to pay the bills. Later, she tells Darlene if she does not like her job, she needs to to make room for other people who would. As Darlene leaves, she does say that she loves the drawing.

Dan finds Louise drinking, worrying about getting along with Dan's kids.

Mark tells Darlene that he could use another computer to go to school. She gladly says yes, and then feels great about being able to say yes to provide for her kids the first time in their lives.

Louise goes to Harris's room to offer another music lesson. She says that playing Poker is not easy and that people are going to be rude. Harris says that she does not want to be an adult during the middle of a national crisis. Harris says that there are too many natural disasters and other conflicts. The rest of the scene has Louise and Harris insulting each other with Harris getting the last word.

Darlene apologizes to Nicole and gives her a gift. She tells her that the job and being able to pay bills are more important than writing. But Nicole says that you never stop being an artist, and that she has plenty of time on her days off. Nicole apologizes to Darlene, with Darlene agreeing that Wellman reopening is a nice job so that they do not have to drive far any more. Nicole says that her family is getting jobs at Wellman also and introduces them to Gabriel.

Becky catches Jackie aggressively selling and delivering food hoping that all the other restaurants will close.



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