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Promotions, Podcasts and Magic Tea is the ninth episode of Season 3 of The Conners, also the 40th episode overall.


Darlene earns a promotion at Wellman Plastics, while Ben decides on a new career path. Meanwhile, Jackie tries an herbal tea leading to an emotional revelation.


Darlene gets yet another promotion, annoying every body else. Ben is about to have a mental break down. Jackie joins Neville on a spiritual quest with Louise and Dan as guides. Darlene reluctantly supports Ben's habits. Later, Jackie decides to audition for Jeopardy!, and decides to continue her relationship with Neville.


Darlene is replacing Hugh, a Line Supervisor, after he leaves to take care of a severe alcohol problem. Becky says that she will shut down the factoy if Darlene abuses her new power.

Neville, Ben, Louise, Dan, D.J., and Jackie are playing Poker in the kitchen. They are talking about powerful beverages such as "Grape Sodas" and "Herbal Teas". Louise and Neville talk about the pros and cons of drinking them. Ben says he wants some as he had a bad day at work. Dan tells him to shut up. Becky sarcastically announces the newest Line Supervisor with everybody except Ben declares celebration.

They are at an empty La Casita Bonita with D.J. and Becky saying that nobody celebrates their promotions. Harris asks for new boots. Darlene says that she is in debt. Ben is drunk, and chides Becky being an alcoholic. He says that he is tired of Darlene's gloating. When she tries to calm him down, he says he wants to start a podcast, or otherwise a radio talk show version of his magazine. He also says that he needs to provide for Darlene, who finds his comments to be incoherent.

Neville and Jackie go to see Louise and Dan and announce that they drank the tea. Louise, alarmed, says that she was supposed to bring them to a Shaaman. Jackie says that she is at the end of her rope, even tried Voodoo, and says that the drinks must be a cure. Jackie also says that she can see clarity, and feel how fast the Earth is spinning. She goes upstairs to the bathroom to throw up and stays there, while Dan directs Neville to the master bathroom.

Becky and Ben are talking again. Ben is at the kitchen table with his laptop and his new microphone. She is mildly supportive, but is terrible at guessing at what it is about. Darlene walks in after that and is not impressed. They suspect Ben stole the equipment. Darlene hates that Ben is at home all the time and making no money. He is yet again in a situation where he might make money eventually, but Darlene says he needs to make money by the end of the week. Dan walks in to the refrigerator. He is Neville's Shaaman, telling them to go along with Neville talking about being a Butterfly.

Louise is Jackie's Shaaman. Jackie is in the middle of what it would be like to confront Beverly. Jackie says it is not her fault for not being happily married. Despite being enemies, Louise helps Jackie get through it. She says that Jackie recently threw up baggage that had been dragging her down for a very long time. Now that it is finally gone, she can cast her self as a reborn woman. Jackie seems confident for the first time in her life.

At the factory, Becky throws a going away party for Hugh, with Darlene's introduction after. Darlene immediately reduces everybody's time off. Becky announces opposition. Robin reminds Darlene that it is tough replacing somebody that everybody loves. Becky says that it is tough working with somebody nobody loves. When Darlene tells Becky to shut up, Robin believes the two are arguing. They say that Ben is upset about Darlene's promotion. Becky says that Ben's podcasting has nothing to do with Darlene but Darlene insists that it is all about her new promotion. Robin says that Ben has to support Darlene, even make more money than Darlene. Robin also says that it is best for Darlene to be supportive of Ben's activities no matter how insane they are. Darlene does not want to change how she feels. She asks about honesty in a relationship. They tell her to find an insane activity for herself such as with Eric from Accounting. Becky says that Darlene needs to find a different man, as Robin is apparently fantasizing about Eric. Robin tells Becky to return to the assembly line immediately.

Dan is tired of cleaning up after Jackie and Neville. Jackie says that some of the mess is from Beverly Rose; Jackie was merely watching her. Neville and Jackie talk with each other for the first time after their Herbal Teas mostly wore off. They decide to continue their relationship.

While occurs in the living room, conflict occurs in the kitchen. Ben finishes an episode about the people being ground up in to mince meat pies. Despite this fascinating topic, Darlene tells him to work at least part time. She says that she has no intention to take Robin and Becky's advice since she was at his side previously. Ben says that starting a podcast takes all of his time, and has no intention to change his activities. They both say that Darlene's latest promotion at work, and Ben's podcasting, are probably the best things that have ever happened to them. Darlene can not get her way this time. She sees that her boss is correct after talking to Ben. He is so unusually devoted to this new activity to the point of a mental break down. They trade insults. Despite Darlene being hesitant to take Robin and Becky's advice, she includes it as one of her insults, and gets the last word.

Jackie decides to get on Jeopardy!, and has an elegibility quiz laid out on the kitchen table. Harris joins her with Becky running the test. They seem to be unaware of the complete sentence question requirement. Harris accidentally responds correctly the first two times. Jackie swears but otherwise responded correctly for the third one.



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