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Scott, husband of Leon Carp, first appears in the episode "December Bride" of Season 8. The part of Scott is played by veteran actor/comedian Fred Willard.

About Scott and Leon[]

Scott and Leon at the wedding in the episode "December Bride" in Season 8.

Scott, who was left "standing at the alter" 5 years earlier, arrives in Lanford to "marry" Leon, in re-kindling their relationship. Scott has a much more relaxed, clever, charming, kinder personality than Leon is; since Scott's presence softens Leon's stiff image. Roseanne becomes more tolerant of having him as a guest in her house. When Scott arrives in town, he stops by the Lanford Lunchbox restaurant, and immediately hits it off with Roseanne, when he helps her deal with a regular customer who stiffs her on his menu check (who also unfortunately, was the local florist, as Scott and Leon were looking for one for the wedding!) by calling his wife, claiming that he worked as a desk clerk at the Elgin, IL Come-N-Go Motel and, claiming that the guy, Mr. Sloane and his wife left some private undergarments at the motel, asks, "Aren't you a busty, 20 year old blonde? My mistake!" After coming to the Conner house to visit Darlene and David's baby in the final episode, Leon and Scott announce they are planning to adopt a three-year-old girl from Romania named Nadya.