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This page lists the episodes from Season 9 (1996–1997)—the original final (and now penultimate) season—of the ABC series Roseanne.

In 2017, Rosanne was green lit for revival by ABC, and began Season 10 in March, 2018. The original cast members all returned. In Season 10, it was revealed that many of the events of Season 9—including the lottery win, the dream-within-a-dream reveals, and Dan's death—never happened. The series relaunch as The Conners made Season 9 the penultimate season of Rosanne.



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Despite being apart of the main cast, Sarah Chalke as Becky unusually appears in only 8 episodes, with even recurring characters such as Daivd, Mark, Beverly, Leon and Jerry appear in more episodes then her.

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Due to the reveal in the finale ("Into That Good Night, Part 2"), every episode in this season is non-cannon and doesn't contribute to the overall story line in anyway.


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