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Sid Youngers was involved in writing and producing 100 episodes throughout seasons 4, 6–8 and 10 of Roseanne as well as Season 1 of The Conners.

He wrote five episodes throughout Season 4 whilst also briefly serving as story editor for "Secrets" and "Don't Make Me Over". He returned to the show during Season 6 and continued to write several episodes throughout his tenure. He served as co-producer for the first sixteen episodes of Season 6, he did however, also serve as associate producer for "The Driver's Seat".

He returned in Season 7 and was subsequently promoted to producer for the entirety of the season, before being promoted to supervising producer for all of Season 8. He departed the show after the Season 8, but returned to the show in 2018 for Season 10, serving as co-executive producer. He would write a single episode until moving onto the spin-off show The Conners.

He would write three episodes for Season 1 and Season 2 whilst his co-executive producer role for the show. He also played a role in two episodes in Season 5 and Season 8.

Throughout the series he wrote 14 episodes, writing the following: 

He acted in the following two episodes:

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