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Sylvia Foster (played by Anne Faulkner) was an employee of Wellman Plastics where she worked on the assembly line with Roseanne Conner, Jackie Harris, Crystal Anderson and a few other employees.

Sylvia had worked for the company for many years, longer than any of her co-workers. She was a somewhat stoic middle-aged woman who enjoyed music she could dance to, carried a bizarre array of medications in her purse and never spoke up much.

In 1989 when Booker Brooks was fired and replaced by Keith Faber, she was one of those who quit the factory when their new boss tried taking one liberty too much with his employees by raising the quotas to unacceptable levels.

In the Lobo Lounge afterwards, she said she "wouldn't miss a damn thing" about leaving Wellman's.

She appears in the follow episodes:

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