Tats and Tias is the sixteenth episode of Season 2 of The Conners, also the 27th episode overall.


Harris is newly unemployed, depressed and has moved back into the house, while Becky struggles to find affordable childcare. Jackie suggests Becky reach out to Emilio's family for support and he gladly suggests she contact the two aunts who helped raise him. Dan runs into an old riding buddy, Tony, who recently opened up a leather and tattoo shop and is looking to hire some help. Dan and Darlene tag team to get Harris the job and the family contemplates celebratory tattoos.



Since Harris lost her job, she moved in with Dan. Becky thinks that it would be perfect for Harris to start watching Beverly Rose. After a small argument, Darlene says that the source of so much failure is when they are in the kitchen.

The Conners is recorded in front of a live studio audience.

Becky continues her conversation by saying that she went as far as moving Aurdey's crib next to Harris's bed. Darlene reminds everybody that they can bring Beverly Rose to work at The Lunch Box, but Jackie says that when they did, they were unsuccessful. Dan says that he can put her at a Starbucks until Jackie insists that they ask Emilio for advice. Emilio says that they have been expecting her, but have vastly different parenting methods.

Darlene talks to Jackie about Harris. Jackie says that it is very important for a mother to love her daughter. Jackie remembers the times that Beverly locked her in the closet, and after that the times when Beverly asked Jackie how she escaped. Jackie wants to be comforted after remembering those things. Darlene and Harris spend time together prank calling people. Harris thought it would be fun to prank call Jackie.

Jackie and Becky arrive at Emilio's house. Since they are a Latin Catholic family, they have to bring a cross necklace with them. They eat much more than The Conners ever did, but welcome Beverly Rose into the family. However, they do not trust Becky, saying in Spanish: "She bewitched him with her sex tricks.", referring that Emilio was taken advantage of. Becky asks what they were saying, but Jackie doubts their answer so she decides that they should just drop off Beverly Rose and leave. On the porch, she quietly tells Becky what they really said. They become nervous until Becky finally says that she will be late for her two jobs.

Dan is having fun at a tattoo store with Darlene, but she wants to find a permanent solution for Harris. Dan was hoping that Tony would hire her, and is delighted when the guy says he needs to hire more people.

Darlene goes home to talk to Harris. Becky tells her that Harris is progressing: She is lying on the couch instead of the bed. Becky asks Darlene what she thinks about Emilio's family. When Becky says that she misses Emilio, Darlene says that she is still raising her children by herself. Neither of them has any advice that they like.

As Darlene goes to the couch, Harris invites her to sit under the crochet blanket and the large towel that they used to do. After Harris says that she loves her, Darlene does not want to tell Harris for a while. She starts spoiling her with chocolate pancakes, but Dan is upset. He says that Harris was upset for losing a job, not because of David not being there. Darlene acts like she is going to tell Harris, but wants Dan to admit that he is happy that his daughters live at home. Instead, Dan jokes about it because he wants Darlene to tell her.

Becky decides to get every thing out in the open with Emilio's family. She is insulted that they think that she is neglecting her premature baby. She also interrupts them when they go back to speaking Spanish. Becky warns them that one of her jobs is in a Spanish bar and grill, and even better Jackie knows fluent Spanish. The two ladies finally tell Becky what is bothering them. They blame her for getting Emilio deported. They say that she is a gold digger that forced him risk working more jobs so that she would not have to. Becky insists that she would do any thing to get Emilio back. The ladies were ready for that response and tell her to marry Emilio. Becky says that she did not expect it to be so easy, but the ladies say that as long as she is a Protestant Caucasian Woman in the United States Of America, she is able to do any thing. Becky is overwhelmed and wants to take Beverly Rose with her. The ladies tell her that they will be delighted to help Becky watch her infant as she thinks it over.

Harris loves her new job. However, Darlene does not admit that Dan was right. He stands there in shock that Darlene got to say the last word in front of everybody.





  • Tony mentions how Darlene used to bark at him when she was a young kid. This is a possible reference to "Life and Stuff" when Darlene was in trouble for barking in class.
  • Despite being credited, Michael Fishman (D.J.), Ames McNamara (Mark), and Jayden Rey (Mary) do not appear. This is the fourth episode in a row that D.J. has been absent in and the third episode in a row that Mary has been absent in.
  • Although aired as the sixteenth episode of the season, it was filmed as the fifteenth one.


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