The Icewoman Cometh is the seventeenth episode of Season 2 of The Conners, also the 28th episode overall.


Bev is back from Arizona and has come to the realization that she'd like to use her finances to spread happiness. She has decided to fund Mark's tuition to a prestigious coding camp, while Darlene tries to convince her to give the money to Harris instead. Dan realizes how much he misses Louise, and Becky persuades him to visit her on tour.



Beverly has arrived at the airport. Nobody wants to bring her home until Mary embarrasses D.J. which he nervously agrees. However, Beverly has arrived by herself, and is upset that nobody thought to pick her up. As a result, she decided to reward Mark Junior with a college tuition, who was also the only person that has kept in touch. Beverly also explains that Darlene has been released as Power Of Attorney which results in everybody asking for money. They, including Darlene and Becky, are upset that the other great-grandchildren are being left out.

Laurie Metcalf says The Conners is recorded in front of a live studio audience.

Darlene decides to ask Beverly about Harris. Beverly says that yes she does remember Harris. Beverly describes Harris as somebody that lost her job, she ran away with Odessa supposedly throwing her out, and eventually got a job at a nasty tattoo place. Darlene says sarcastically that The Tattoo Place is not nasty since it is located next to a so called massage place. Darlene says that since Harris loves tattoos, that she should be encouraged as well. Beverly says it is nonsense to send Harris to school. Darlene says that she also would like to see the children, at least her two children, to have an equal share. Beverly says that the money is firm. Darlene continues to negotiate that she wants to have $5,000.00 U.S.D. for each of them. When Beverly says no, Darlene says that she prefers that Harris needs the money more than Mark Junior. Beverly, excited to see Harris start her own tattoo place, says she still has to think about it, but she attempts to relate to Harris at the same time. Darlene tries her best to laugh.

Dan is playing Poker. They ask him about Louise. Louise, among many other things, is on tour, while Dan is simply playing Poker. D.J. asks Dan if he really unfollowed her, but Dan seems to reply honestly that the platform recommended more "Louises". He takes interest in their lives and jokes about a Louise that updated her kitchen. Some of Dan's friends are amazed when they see pictures of Louise for the first time. Dan agrees, but says that he is fine with letting her travel even if it risks forgetting about him. Dwight says that they are perfect together and for each other. Chuck says Dan probably does not want Louise to think he is too old for sex, with D.J. disagreeing. Chuck also says that starting a new relationship after 45 years of marriage is going to be nervous. Dwight describes a completely new version of sex which makes Dwight more confident.

Beverly enters The Lunch Box and confronts Jackie. She hates what Jackie did to her restaurant, thinking it is ridiculous to renovate it, as well as blaming Jackie for the family dispute. Jackie says that she hoped it would make Beverly go away instead of visiting The Lunch Box. Mark Junior is also working at The Lunch Box, ready to go to the campus that Beverly says she wants to take him to. He does not know that Darlene asked her to consider Harris instead. He says he is going to make his first video game for Beverly. She tells him about the conversation, which makes it sound like Darlene is forcing the issue. The scheme works, with Mark Junior leaving his shift. Beverly does one of the things that ruined The Lunch Box in the first place such as biting into a customer's pickle just because she can.

Mark Junior confronts Beverly, who explains more of what happened. But at the same time, Darlene defends Harris to the point of almost spoiling her. He says that his sister is very manipulative and lazy, while Darlene says that Harris deserves the money even if Harris does not deserve any money. He becomes very annoyed about that ludicrous reply. He says that tattoos are nowhere near as complicated as coding. Darlene says that he can still rely on scholarships, with Mark Junior countering with the difficulties that Harris and Darlene experienced with colleges. As Harris walks in, every body knows about Beverly's intentions. Mark Junior storms off again saying that he has been forgotten many times before, but it is the first time that he lost his future to his sister.

Becky tries to give Dan advice in his motorcycle garage. She has difficulty with words and explains that she tried to get Darlene to talk to him instead. Dan says that he was not offended by any of what they said, but is upset because he knows they are right about Louise being too good to risk ending the relationship with her. He finally admits to somebody that he misses Louise and regrets not being there for her. But at the same time, he thinks it is wrong to date Louise because it is important that he provided for Roseanne. Becky says that it is not like Roseanne to be angry about Dan entering a new relationship. Dan says that she would never want Dan to be happy even if he stayed single. As he bumps into his motorcycle, an empty paint can falls to the ground. Dan says that it was Roseanne that knocked the can. Becky says that Roseanne is the type of ghost that attacks people. As Dan holds the can, he says that it will never be easy. Becky understands since she is a widow herself. She understands that Dan is worried that he will need to say goodbye forever to Roseanne. Dan says he already accepted that part of the loss. Becky recommends that Dan sees Louise performing and that if he does not go see her, he will go crazy wondering what would have happened. Dan cheers himself up by saying that while he is on the way to see Louise, he will visit another Louise that has tacos.

Darlene threw out Beverly's belongings again. She says that she regrets not throwing them in the fireplace. Beverly asks what she did now, with Darlene saying that she was thrown under the bus on purpose. Beverly tries to be innocent by saying that Mark deserved to know. Beverly says that she is furious at Darlene because Darlene was given Power Of Attorney to prevent Jackie from getting The Lunch Box again. Darlene says that the children do not need to be dragged into a dispute between Beverly and Darlene. Beverly gives Darlene a check for Mark Junior, revealing that Beverly wanted to start drama while pretending to be a victim. Darlene and Dan tell Beverly to go away.

Darlene has a secret meeting to tell her that Beverly made a mistake: Beverly decided to start handing out money and starting drama before she canceled the Power Of Attorney. Darlene asks if she should withdraw an additional amount of money so that Harris can have an equal reward. Jackie and Becky are delighted that Darlene finally understands. They are not aware that Harris is listening. She tells everybody to keep quiet before any body else hears since they are in the open kitchen. Darlene tells Harris that Beverly did not have any intention to give her any thing ever. Harris is understanding but says that Darlene risks going to jail. Harris says that there will be other moments to get leverage.

Darlene gives the check to Mark Junior. Both of them agree that Harris needed attention because of Beverly's schemes which caused the fighting that occurred at Thanksgiving. She says that if he wants more attention in The Conner Family, he must behave more like Harris, which he does literally.

Dan attends one of Louise's performances. The audience applauds and then Dan decides to bring her a bouquet. He introduces himself to some of the band only to find Louise has a new boyfriend.

Beverly decides to get a tattoo replacement at Harris's job. They seem to be getting along with each other for the moment.



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  • Although aired as the seventeenth episode of the season, it was filmed as the sixteenth one.


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