The Lanlord Lunch Box was a successful restaurant Roseanne co-owned along with her sister Jackie, her mother Bev, her friend Nancy, and her former boss from the luncheonette, Leon, after Bev sells her share in the company to him.


The name of the restaurant was inspired by Roseanne's eldest son D.J., who worked there for a brief period before being fired by Roseanne, something he wanted and intentionally provoked Roseanne to do after he realised he'd rather do other things with his time. The restaurant opened in 1992. Five years later, Roseanne won the lottery in excess of $108,000,000, allowing her and her co-owners to no longer work again. Eventually, at the end of the original series, she revealed that actually didn't win the lottery at all, and that it was a fabrication of her life in her book, like most of the original series. Twenty years later, neither she nor any of her co-workers appear to be running the business.

In 2019, The Lunch Box is now a chinese Restaurant.

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