• I get what your saying but we have to admit that Roseanne is not the only person who's been warned or fired of saying racist things I mean take a look at The View the people on that talk show have been racist for a decade and nobody there was fired or warned about it and ABC hasn't yet canceled that talk show and take a look at other actors who were racist either by social media or in general where people can see them be racist but I do get what your saying but I just want ABC and everyone who still hates Roseanne to stop harrsing her with all tweets and messeges saying shes racist I mean it happened two years ago and since then I forgive her for her mistake now and she did apologize it might of been weak but at least she knew what she did was wrong cause heres the thing people who are racist they dont care what they say they wont say their sorry or anything but Roseanne did say sorry but once again I do get what your saying now man

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