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Three Ring Circus is the ninteenth episode of Season 4 of The Conners, also the 70th episode overall.


Ben and Darlene are excited to share their good news with the family; but before they have the chance, Neville and Jackie, and Aldo and Harris share some very similar news of their own. Looks like there are three parties to plan!


Ben & Darlene are unable to get married after Neville & Jackie rapidly get married which motivates Aldo to finally tell Harris he wants to marry her and have children again.


Ben and Darlene are trying to keep their engagement a secret. It is actually very easy to do be cause Neville and Jackie are at The Family Table. Neville, who usually does not say much, wants to Propose Marriage to Jackie. Jackie immediately accepts the proposal and marries herself to Neville, resulting in The Fastest Marriage Ever. Motivated by that performance, Aldo proposes marriage to Harris. He gives one of his rings to Harris who accepts. Jackie, who has still not calmed down, is delighted to be a role model, and agrees to marry them. Ben & Darlene and Dan & Louise are noticeably worried. Darlene immediately asks them to stop so they can talk about it. However, it is clear that Aldo & Harris do not know what they are doing. The only concern Jackie has is to keep it secret from Beverly. Neville says that he wants every body's pets to attend. Aldo says he is going to Dee Jay his own wedding and asks Neville for a pet tiger. At that point is when Becky decides to join in on the excitement by asking if Ben and Darlene would join in on their weddings. Darlene dreads sharing a wedding with her daughter, and particularly Aldo. Louise says she opposes the terrible wedding plans.

Neville and Aldo agree to talk about the wedding plans. Aldo and Harris go to find their children, who crashed a party, and stole all their presents. Becky is livid at Neville & Jackie for motivating Aldo & Harris. She also asks Darlene why she never said any thing about her daughter. Louise says that Becky should work together to stop them. Jesse told them the bad news. He also helps him self to Dan's beer.

Ben and Darlene talk at The Family Table in the middle of the night. They decide to elope. Dan walks in to get some thing off the shelf. His attitude suggests that Ben & Darlene did not need to explain why they are there.

Harris joins Louise and Becky at La Casita Bonita. It does not take long before Harris finds out why she was invited there. Jesse also tries to tell Harris to stop. After Harris says she is going to leave for ever, Becky is forced to give her Blessing. After she leaves, Aldo arrives looking for her. Becky learns that Aldo really loves Fatherhood. Also, Harris is unaware about this.

Dan intercepts Darlene to let her know that he suspected something was happening the entire time. He asks if Ben is hiding. He wants to talk to both of them, letting Ben know that he wants to join their wedding. Since they do not resent Dan, they decide to attend the other weddings.

Aldo takes Becky's advice and tells Becky he wants to be a father again ... immediately. She is not against having a child which Aldo interprets as agreement.

Ben & Darlene announce in front of the other two couples that they are joining them. The wedding plans are the worst ever. They clearly do not work well together. Jackie says that it should be a Butterfly Wedding, which requires Nectar. Aldo still wants his pet Tiger which happens to love Nectar. Darlene mocks them by saying she would love to cover her self in Nectar and be eaten by Aldo's pet tiger.



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"When you throw a water balloon with alcohol, you can not throw it in to a fire pit, ESPECIALLY, not at a Quinceanera.".

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