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Todd Bowman (played by Troy Davidson and later Adam Hendershott) was the only child of Jerry Bowman and Kathy Bowman. He moved with his parents to Lanford from Chicago in 1991 when his father took a job at Wellman Plastics.

Todd was the same age as DJ Conner and the two instantly became friends. It wasn't long before the two got into their first scrape when DJ took Todd over to a local building site where Todd cut his arm. This incident led to the boy's mothers having their first fight. As a result, both mothers forbade their children from playing with each other but Roseanne apologized, stating it wasn't fair to drag the boys into their feud. Todd and DJ then had a camp-out in the Conner's back yard.

The two boys would frequently stay around each others houses playing video games (Todd had a Genesis, DJ had a Super Nintendo) and would sleep over engaging in activities like jumping on the beds, belching, much to the chagrin of their respective parents. After a year of living in Lanford, Todd found out that he would be moving back to Chicago as Jerry lost his job and had to accept a position where they used to live. Typically for a boy, Todd tried to be nonchalant about the move, criticizing Lanford in the process and upsetting DJ. The pair had a massive fight when DJ inadvertently revealed a piece of malicious gossip about Kathy - the Bowmans were returning to Chicago so Kathy could have an operation to have a "stick removed".

Naturally Todd told his mother who was somewhat bemused by the fact and when she brought Todd over to say good-bye, revealed this to an ashamed Roseanne. The two boys made their peace and Todd handed over Becky's diary, saying it was a great read. Kathy promised DJ that he could visit Todd any time he wished once they were settled in Chicago.