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Two Proposals, A Homecoming and a Bear is the twentieth and final episode of Season 3 of The Conners, also the 51st episode overall.


Big changes are coming for the Conners, with not one but TWO proposals. Plus, D.J’s wife Geena returns, and Jackie uses her "JEOPARDY!" infamy to her advantage.


Geena wants to see Mary more often. Jackie wants to go back to The Lunch Box, with Neville continuing to be there for her. Becky also wants to go back to work with her. Dan is ready to ask Louise to marry him. Darlene simply feels she is ready to ask Ben.


Since Ben wants a wife and a house of his own, Darlene is saving money in a toy house. She also insinuates that she did not sell the tickets and wants to continue to support Dan.

Dan is showing Louise their travel trailer. She says that now they can go on tour. They are going to alternate between staying in the travel trailer and hotels. Dan is surprised. He did not expect Louise to want to spend more time with him. She says it is different when they go on tour.

Neville is trying to cheer Jackie up. She is upset that people are shaming her on The Internet. Jackie says she wants to make videos advertising The Lunch Box and asks help to post them.

Dan wants to Marry Louise, and asks Harris to make a Tattoo of her name.

Jackie shows them her new video. She offers new specials as Crazy Jackie.

Geena stops by to visit. They tell her all the very disapponting news. Dan almost lost the house, and lost his job. A forklift almost Killed Dan, and a Virus almost killed Louise. Darlene has panic attacks and Becky had a relapse. Geena immediately drags D.J. for private conversation and then walks out of the house in disgust.

Dan is going to get an engagement ring for Louise. Darlene is going to get an engagement ring for Ben. Becky thinks that is a terrible act of desparation. Dan picks an expensive wedding ring for Louise. They tell Dan shortly, who eventually congradulates her.

Geena regrets joining the military now that she sees that Mary might have been put in danger. Becky shows happy memories that Mary had. This continues to make Geena upset that she is not able to be around for those moments either.

Neville says that he wants to turn The Lunch Box into a Sports Bar. He is keeping his promise to get leverage against Beverly. Jackie is brought to tears for somebody believing in her for the first time.

Darlene is ready to marry Ben, but he says no. He is upset about Darlene's irresponsibility and Darlene always ignoring him. It is not fair for Darlene to force him to stop his Podcasts yet expect to support Darlene in her mid life crisis. He has lost trust in Darlene and afraid to marry her. Ben wants to wait to see if Darlene ever changes while she takes the ring and walks away. Darlene is embarrassed that she thought it would be good to ask a guy to marry her even though they are separated.

She sits on the couch. Everybody gathers around to tell all kinds of good news. Geena is going to try to leave the military so she can live with Mary at a regular home. Becky cautions Geena that The Military is going to go after her. Geena says she is retiring.

Becky says that she is going to spend more time at her restaurants and asks Darlene to fire her. Darlene is aware of what Becky is up to. She is not on their payrolls and is going to collect unemployment. Darlene is finally alone and collapses on the kitchen table. She grabs a plate and destroys it. Since nobody is there, she says that she simply tripped and dropped it. Dan tells everybody that he asked Louise. He pretends to be sad until he sees Darlene. Louise runs through and cheerfully says that they are getting married. Darlene congradulates them.

Everybody follows Darlene and are upset about Ben. Dan says that Ben is not going anywhere.

Darlene, Becky, Harris, D.J., and Jackie want to throw Dan and Louise a surprise party before they sneak off and elope. Moments later, Becky tells Darlene to not open the door if the trailer is shaking.



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