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Vegas Interruptus was the 19th episode of Season 3 of Roseanne, also the 66th overall series episode. Written by Jeff Abugov and Chuck Lorre based upon an original story by Bob Myer, the episode was directed by John Whitesell. It originally aired on ABC-TV on February 26, 1991.

Plot summary[]

Roseanne may lose her job if she and Dan go on their long-awaited trip to see Wayne Newton perform in Las Vegas.

While Dan and Roseanne are gone, Becky and Darlene have a party and the boy that asked out Becky instead of Darlene apologizes. Darlene accepts his apology.

In the end, Dan and Roseanne end up not going to Las Vegas due to bad weather and Roseanne gets back to her job a few hours late. When Roseanne arrives at the luncheonette, Leon tells Roseanne that the only thing she has to do to get her job back is to ask him. Roseanne does and gets her job back.


  • This episode scored 28.5 million viewers and ranked #8 for the week.
  • The song playing in the background during the party scene at the Connor's house is titled "Touch of Grey" by Grateful Dead.


Darlene (to Barry): I mean, you like Becky more than you like me, so you asked her out, right?
Barry (to Darlene): wasn’t that I like Becky, exactly, it’s just that she‘s kind of popular and I got this idea that maybe I had a chance with her, so it’s kinda like, you know...go for the gold.
Darlene: Becky's gold? So what am I?
Barry: Darlene.
Darlene: Well come on, Barry! Pick a mineral!

Becky: Darlene's just sort of discovering boys, Brian. In fact, before she met you, she thought she was one.

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