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Walden Pond, a Staycation and the Axis Powers is the thirteenth episode of Season 3 of The Conners, also the 44th episode overall.


Dan feels helpless when Louise refuses to let him put himself at risk for her. Meanwhile, when Jackie learns the competing restaurants are posting negative reviews about The Lunch Box, she recruits Neville to help her confront them.


Jackie adds German, Italian, and Japanese foods to the menu of The Lunch Box. Louise has The Virus, which Darlene feels responsible for. She needs to work things out with Ben.


Jackie is working at The Lunch Box with only two customers. Neither customer talks. She added items to the menu which aggrivates other restaurants. The Conner family is there to fill the empty tables with Mary working behind the counter. Dan stops by to tell every body he acquired a travel trailer. Ben asks Darlene to write an advertisement for O'Linsky's. As Darlene goes to her office, Jackie and Becky talk with the customer in the front. He tells them that The Lunch Box has bad reviews. Since these reviews surfaced around the time that the new items were added, and that the reviews are about only the new items, Jackie suspects that these reviews originate from competing businesses. Louise announces that she has The Virus.

The Conner Family is furious that Dan is going to see her. He says that he is going to move in with her.

In the living room, they try to search for places that give Tests. Their options are to wait a long time, pay a lot of money, or go to a place that can not be trusted.

In the kitchen, Darlene arrives with food from the 99 Cent menu that she does not approve of. Becky warns Darlene about Louise. Darlene feels terrible. She says that she has a membership at a hotel. She fell asleep lounging near the pool and woke up to a party. She tells every body that she is off to get tested and if she tests positive, she will let every body know they need to be tested. Becky asks for Darlene's counselor and then tells her how stupid Darlene is.

Dan tries to see Louise but she will not open the door. She tells her that he can not move in. She lets him sit out side by himself and they watch a movie together.

At The Lunch Box, Jackie tries to ask Neville to help her fight off the three competing restaurants.

Becky asks Dan to stop bothering Louise and to eat his bacon. Darlene arrives to tell everybody the bad news. She says that she is the last person that Lousie saw. Dan storms out of the room. Ben is no happier. He does not understand why Darlene thinks that Ben would cause her stress.

Jackie and her "attorney" go to the German restaurant first. The owner says that Jackie has no right to sell German food. Jackie begs Neville to respond aggressively. The owner backs down the moment that Neville says the owner will have to surrender his house and belongings to Jackie. Neville feels terrible despite triumph. Jackie is very proud of him and says that victory is in her grasp. They go to his car to have sex.

Becky checks on Dan who is working on his motorcycle. He tells her to go away. Becky's motivational speech includes a reference to John Goodman's role as Balloo from Tale Spin. She gets a message about Darlene's test results.

Ben and Darlene talk about Darlene not having The Virus. She tells him that she is embarrassed that she could not cope. Also, she admits that Ben drove her crazy. Ben says that he is glad that they are finally being honest with each other until they get on each other's nerves again.

Dan and Becky discover the reason why they inherited a travel trailer. The previous owner cheated on his wife with his secret travel trailer. Dan remarks that his wife probably found out and killed him. However, Dan and Becky continue to enjoy their new travel trailer.



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