"We're in the Money" was the second episode of Roseanne, also the 2nd episode of the Season 1 of the series. Directed by Ellen Falcon and written by David McFadden, it originally aired on ABC-TV on October 25, 1988.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Dan unexpectedly brings home a nice surprise of $500.00. After seeing the money, Roseanne, Dan, and the kids ponder ideas of how they will spend their newfound wealth. During a night of bills, Roseanne & Dan agree that for once they could use the money practically and finally be debt free for awhile.

Agreeing that using the money for practical purposes is the key, the two go to work yet return home with gifts using the newfound money. Roseanne returns home with submission perfume and Dan returns home with a new brass captain's bell. After secretly hiding their purchases, Dan discovers Roseanne's perfume and DJ blows Dan's cover by ringing his newly purchased bell.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Michael Fishman makes his first appearance as D.J., he was played by Sal Barone in the previous episode.
  • Due to the cast change in the role of DJ, there is now a slightly different opening credits that will remain until the end of Season 2.
  • In this episode the Conners' garage is entered from the left as opposed to many of the other episodes in which the door is on the right side of the garage. You can see Darlene entering the Garage from the left of the garage.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Dan: We have to handle this money like adults.
Roseanne: Fine. We'll be adults. But I don't wanna.
Dan: Roseanne, you will act like an adult!
Roseanne: You can't make me!

Dan: Ask not for whom the bell tolls.
Roseanne: It tolls for thee, butthead!

Jackie: You gotta learn to treat yourself once in a while Roseanne, buy yourself something, take a vacation.
Roseanne: Spoken like a true single woman.

Perfume Counter Saleswoman [to Roseanne]: Do you know what the fastest way to a man's heart is?
Roseanne: Yeah, through his chest.

Roseanne (to Darlene): What did I tell you about killing your brother in the living room?

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