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Young Love, Old Lions and Middle-Aged Hyenas is the eighth episode of Season 3 of The Conners, also the 39th episode overall.


Harris brings home her new friend, Josh, leaving the family questioning his intentions. Meanwhile, Becky and Ben's attempt to build a closet stirs up family drama.


Harris has a Toxic, High Risk boyfriend. Ben is bored as a Gofer and decides to help Becky with a surprise construction project.


Harris starts protesting on her days off. They finally meet her boyfriend. Darlene, Becky, and Jackie do not like him and want to know more. First they try talking with him directly. It does not take long to find out that he is richer than they are but he is able to answer the rest of their questions. Darlene says that this is Harris's first boyfriend. She also says that Harris is going to try to marry him to escape from the house and poverty. And since none of them were successful at Gold Digging, they become worried more than ever.

Ben and Becky are working together again. He wants to build a closet for Beverly Rose. After Becky could not draw any blueprints, he offers to help. He says that before he got a job as an editor, he worked in the family lumber yard. Becky says it is not a good idea to tell Dan.

Dan is cooking for Josh. Darlene continues her questions and learns that Harris met his parents. The conversation that Dan has with him also helps prove his is secretly rich. He is able to easily lead dangerous and viral protests against impossible people yet pretend to care about income inequality. As Dan shoos him out of the kitchen, Dan agrees that they must dig up more information about Josh.

Becky is hammering loudly. Ben is measuring with no level. She reminds him that she also needs shelves. Dan walks down and is not impressed with the pitiful closet. He knows that Ben did not install Masonry Anchors, a must for shelves in a basement. When Ben refuses to install them, Dan easily rips out the wood and tosses it on the floor.

Jackie and Darlene are investigating on The Internet. Josh passed the Criminal Background Checks as well as the polished Social Media Presence. Mark Junior tells them that they need to look for tagged pictures such as from his parents' and friends' accounts. They immediately find pictures of their Yacht. Becky joins them fights with Jackie over Josh's father. Becky, Darlene, and Jackie see that Josh has a girl to take pictures with him for each location. None of them know who Josh really is yet. With Darlene going to find Harris, Jackie and Becky focus on Josh's father again.

Dan is in his garage sawhorses for the basement. He wants to finish the closets and shelves without resting since Becky needs something. Becky says that the reason why she wanted to do it herself, and later with Ben, is to make it easy for the exhausted Dan. However, he feels hurt that Becky didn't ask him for help. He believes that when Becky asks other people for help, it makes him seem old and incompetent. Becky still says: "I didn't say Old. I said Tired.". Dan says the result is the same. Becky still says that it is time for his children to take care of him and the house. She mentions different situations where Dan can relax with beer, which does talk Dan into taking a break.

Darlene is at the camp site. She tells Harris about Josh, who does not understand. Darlene says since Josh is rich and funding the celebrity protests, the income inequality system that Josh pretends to be against actually keeps him out of jail, but not any of his girlfriends. Harris is still overconfident and says that perhaps he might be the one that ends up with a broken heart. Darlene begs her to reconsider. As Darlene starts to say why, she says that is a perfect example of Helicopter Parenting. Darlene says that Harris will experience plenty of moments when Josh gets Harris pregnant and abandons them, which of course with him being rich, absolves him from child support. Darlene says she had enough of Harris's demands for independence and insists that Harris thinks of her family instad.

Becky tells Ben that Dan is right, and needs to apologize to him. She brings them closer together by telling them what they want to hear. As Ben goes to Dan, he starts to go along with it, until Dan starts teaching him. Dan immediately figures out what Becky is doing. Ben forgets about his pride and starts thinking about Becky's concerns about taking care of Dan. Dan eventually agrees and starts expressing how he feels. He also says that he is not ready to see Ben as a "young lion" but as a "hyena", a threat. He does not want to work with Ben after all, but lets him take over a list of necessary projects that are indeed too dangerous for Dan to work oun. This way everybody gets what they want. At the same time, Dan calls Ben's bluff about being a hard worker.

Dan is relaxing in the kitchen and asks Darlene about Harris. She is upset about it, but Dan gives some food and tells her not to worry when she returns. Ben has told every body else that Dan thinks of him as a Hyena.

Josh and Harris stop by with Darlene, Jackie, Becky, and Dan. Dan says that if Josh breaks up with Harris, Jackie and Becky will be ready to start Home Wrecking.





  • This marks Becky's 200th appearance, it is however only the 159th episode that Lecy Goranson has appeared in. This has now resulted in all the original characters from Roseanne appearing in over 199 episodes.
  • Despite being credited, Michael Fishman (D.J. Conner) and Jayden Rey (Mary) do not appear.


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